Interim Pathway for Caregivers

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Interim Pathway for Caregivers will be re-opened for 3 months, from July 8, 2019. It will close on October 8, 2019. The Interim Pathway provides a pathway to permanent residence for qualifying caregivers in Canada.

Current status in Canada


  • Must have and maintain a valid work permit, OR
  • Have a pending work permit extension application, OR
  • Have a pending restoration of status for worker application.

Note: You may not be eligible for this program if your work permit was issued under the Live-in Caregiver Program.


Work Experience


  • Applicants must have at least 12 months of full-time work experience gained after November 30, 2014, under NOC skill type 4411 or 4412;
  • They must not have been a full-time student when working;
  • The job descriptions must match (for NOC 4411 and 4412).

Language Levels


  • prove his/her ability in English or French CLB 5 and a language test must be taken from an agency approved by (CIC);
  • include the original language test results when applying and that must be less than two years old on the day CIC gets your application



  • a completed Canadian high school diploma credential of at least one year;



  • a completed foreign education credential, and an original Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) by an organization approved by CIC, to show it is equal to a completed Canadian post-secondary education credential of at least one year.
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