Quebec Skilled Workers

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The province of Quebec has its own immigration system. Applicants who intend to reside in the province of Quebec are assessed under Quebec Immigration Law and the immigration process is different than in any other province. Those applicants who are successful under the Quebec Skilled Worker immigration selection process are issued a Quebec Selection Certificate (CSQ), which is then followed by a Canadian Permanent Resident Visa issued by the Federal Government of Canada, once medical and criminality background checks have been completed.

Recent Update on Quebec Skilled Worker

Interested candidates under this category must submit an application of interest through the Arrima portal, which was effectuated in September 2018. After the interest has been submitted in the Arrima portal, applications will be deposited in the Expression of Interest Bank (EIB), which will be valid for 12 months.

If the Ministère invites the applicant to apply, the applicant will receive confidential information to access their Mon projet Québec and eventually, they may be eligible to apply for permanent residence.

This is entirely an electronic process and applicants will have 90 days to complete their applications after receiving their invitation.

Quebec Skilled Worker Selection Factors

To be qualified for Quebec Selection Certificate, the applicant must score enough points under the Quebec Immigration selection system as stated below. A single (unmarried) applicant must score at least 50 points based on this system, while an applicant with a spouse or common-law partner must score at least 59 points.

Summary of the Quebec Immigration selection factors:

Factors Points
Education Max.  14
Area Of Training Max.  12
Work Experience Max.   8
Age Max.  16
Language Proficiency Max.  22
Stay And Family In Quebec Max.  8
Spouse/Common-law partner Characteristics Max.  17
Validated Employment Offer Max. 14
Presence Of Accompanying Children Max.  8
Financial Self-Sufficiency Max. 1

In order to apply for the Quebec Skilled Worker Program most of the documents must be certified true copies. And language test results must be submitted along with immigration applications to be awarded points for language proficiency.

The applicant then must go through successfully complete medical and security examinations conducted by the Canadian Federal Government to obtain a Canadian Permanent Resident Visa.

Processing Times

The complete processing times for the Quebec Skilled Worker Program vary from 15 – 17 months depending on the country of residence.

Processing Fees

The Processing Fees for the Quebec Skilled Worker Program are as below:

Applicant Fees
Principal applicant CAD $798
Spouse or de facto spouse CAD $171
Each dependent child CAD $171
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