Saskatchewan needs Electronic service technicians

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2242 Electronic Service Technicians (Household and Business Equipment)

If your service and repair:
  1. household and electronic business equipment such as audio and video systems, computers and peripherals,
  2. office equipment and another consumer electronic equipment and assemblies; and
  3. employed by electronic service and retail establishments, OR by wholesale distributors and within service departments of electronic manufacturing companies; holding one of the positions below:

Trade certification may be compulsory for some provinces across Canada.

Job titles under SINP In-Demand Occupation Category:
  • alarm system technician
  • alarm systems installer
  • amplifier repairer
  • audio stereo technician
  • audio-video repair technician
  • audio-video service technician
  • audiovisual (AV) equipment installer and repairer
  • audiovisual (AV) equipment repair supervisor
  • automatic teller machine (ATM) servicer
  • business machine servicer
  • closed circuit television installer
  • computer equipment installer
  • computer equipment repairer
  • computer equipment technician – household and business equipment
  • computer field service technician
  • computer repair technician
  • computer service technician
  • electronic cash registers servicer
  • electronic equipment installation and repair supervisor
  • electronic equipment repairer
  • electronic game technician – household and business equipment
  • electronic games repairer
  • electronic games technician
  • electronic music equipment installer and repairer
  • electronic organ repairer
  • electronic products field service technician
  • electronic service technician apprentice
  • electronic service technician supervisor
  • electronics technician – consumer products
  • electronics technician – household and business equipment
  • field service technician – household and business equipment
  • fire alarm electronics technician
  • fire alarm systems installer and servicer
  • hearing aid repairer
  • household and business equipment technician
  • installer and repairer – household and business equipment
  • office equipment service technician
  • office machine repairer
  • photocopier repairer
  • photocopier servicer
  • photocopy machine servicer
  • photocopy machine technician
  • photoelectric sorting machine repairer
  • public address (P.A.) system installer and repairer
  • radio and television service technician
  • radio and television service technician apprentice
  • radio communication equipment repairer
  • radio installation and repair technician
  • radio maintenance technician
  • radio repair supervisor
  • radio repairer
  • satellite antenna servicer
  • security alarms installer
  • security alarms technician
  • service technician – household and business equipment
  • service technicians supervisor – household and business equipment
  • slot machine technician – casino
  • stereo repair technician
  • synthesizer repairer
  • technical service representative – home and business equipment
  • television camera repairer
  • television installation and repair technician
  • television repair supervisor
  • television repairer
  • television servicer
  • television studio equipment repairer
  • totalizator systems technician
  • video camera repairer – household and business equipment
  • video cassette recorder repairer
  • video equipment installation and repair technician – household and business equipment

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