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Hiring a Caregiver? LMIA is not required anymore

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From June 18, 2019, the Caregiver programs would undergo some changes. These aim to provide for an easier pathway to permanent residence for caregivers in Canada.

The Home Child Care Provider and Home Support Worker Pilots would supersede the previous programs Caring for Children and Caring for People with High Medical Needs respectively.

The new programs are more “occupation-specific”. This means that employees can change employers as long as it is within the same occupation. A Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) is no longer required. And so, application and processing times are shortened.

Each program allows 2,750 applications annually; up to 5,500 if including immediate family.

Candidates must now apply for their Work Permit and Permanent Residence together.

Basic Immigration Criteria (for Employees)

  • Work experience in the respective field; under NOC 4411 Home Child Care Provider or NOC 4412 Home Support Worker. At least 2 years are required for Permanent Residency
  • Have a genuine and valid job offer from a Canadian employer
  • Have at least CLB 5 language skills
  • At least 1-year post-secondary education or equivalent to Canadian standards

Job Offer Criteria (for Employers)

  • The job offer must be made using Offer of Employment IMM 5983
  • Job must be Full time and located anywhere in Canada but Quebec
  • The job offer must match the respective NOC 4411 or 4412
  • The employer should be able to display that they were unable to fill that role through a Canadian citizen or permanent resident

If you are applying from outside Canada:

  • You must first be eligible for this stream (satisfy basic requirements)
  • Any accompanying family members may also have to undergo Biometrics
  • You must certify and translate any documents if they are not in English or French, and provide an Affidavit from the person who did the translation unless they are certified in Canada
  • Once requested, you and any accompanying family members must undergo an immigration medical exam
  • Police certificates from countries with more than 6 months of consecutive residence after the age of 18 are mandatory. The Canadian government will process all background and criminal checks respectively
  • Submit all documents and application forms together, for both Work Permit and Permanent Residence
  • You will receive your Permanent Residency after generating 2 years acceptable work experience

If you are applying from inside Canada, you must be in and have legal status in Canada.

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